patience and caring

In this world there are many people who rely a lot on the opinion of other people and base everything they do thinking that they are going to say other people but the truth of all is that to be happy and live fully we have to live our lives how we want and we should do what makes us happy and truly appeals to us  sometimes people are very impatient and we want everything to happen immediately when the truth is that when we have a goal and we want from the bottom of our hearts to happen we have to work hard and give our best every day and work hard to make that goal make reality and we also have to have a lot of faith and hope in everything that vayamks has in self reliance a man is shown who bases his whole life thinking about what other people believe and think about him but that is something that is wrong since it is true that most people do that but do not live their happy lives because if you live mortifying yourself for everything and you will all be in full stress and disgust all …

Psalm of life and the tide rise, the tide falls

psalm of life
in this poem we can see how the author wants to tell us how important it is to enjoy life and know how to live it because life is very short and full of miracles that we live every day and many times we do not realize them and pass them by in front of us and we do not give it the importance it deserves and so it happens with many other things, sometimes we are not fair with everything God gives us and we complain when life is unfair to us but when we are unfair to life we believe that there is nothing wrong and will not have consequences our actions, so what this beautiful and inspiring poem leaves me is that we have to appreciate much more the life that God and life give us and that we have to be fair and that our actions agree with our thoughts and words 

The tide rise, the tide falls 
This is a very complex poem in which it is about death and we can appreciate in the poem how the traveler can not accept death but with the passage of time he overcomes this until he manage…

trustworthiness and thankful

Tom walker was an astronomer and he was married with a woman but they had a very bad relationship because they were both liars and they were unfaithful to each other. One day Tom Walker decided to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for money and power which he needed at that time but as we all know the devil is a dark soul and nothing that comes from him is lympho and healthy
the devil gave Tom some time to have everything he wanted and at that time he thought he was "happy" but when time was up tom walker reflected and saw all the bad decisions he had made in the past and decided to change and be more a religious person and be a good person but anyway the devil killed Tom Walker and he went to hell because although his last years of life was a good person most of his life he did many bad things 

this story made me reflect that many times society only thinks about having money and power but they do not think how to do this, so they go the easy way and there are people who c…
once upon a time there was  girl who lived in a very small town and that girl lived with her parents and her younger sister but one day her parents died in a terrible car accident and her grandmother took care of her and her sister and they lived like that for many years 
When the girl turned 18 she told her grandmother that she was going to go on a trip with her friends to a cabin for her birthday but her grandma did not seem like a good idea, but even the girl decided to not pay attention to her grandma and left Travel with her friends
when the girl and her friends arrived at the cabin they were very excited because they thought it was going to be the best weekend of their lives but what they did not know is that in that cabin many years before a littler girl had died and her body was never found and the neighbors said that at night they could feel the cries of the littler girl. 

The night when the girl and her friends arrived to the cabin they had a great party but in the middle of th…


Colombia is a country that is located in South America and is full of vegetation with a landscape that you will not see anywhere else. Colombia is a country that is located in South America and is full of vegetation with a landscape that you will not see anywhere else.I am very proud of my country because it is a very unique country and different to all the others besides everything has a population is very welcoming and friendly. I personally think that  some times we Colombians do not appreciate our country very much and all the good things there are in it since we compare it with countries that are more affluent than ours, but we do not see in our country there are natural resources you will never be able to find in any other part. I love my country too much and the people in it, I would never exchange it for anything in my life and I feel that there is a lot of potential in it and it is the duty of its visitors that the country should move forward.Colombia is a country with a lot …

my life

My name is Alejandra Rueda Castro, I was born on November 8, 2001 in Santa Marta, Colombia. I live with my mom, my dad and my sister; My mother's name is Alix Castro Suarez, my father is called Omar Rueda Rey and my sister is called Mariana Rueda Castro. I moved to Barranquilla when I was 10 years old and since then I live in Barranquilla and I like it a lot, here I have many friends and I am very happy here.
When I lived in Santa Marta I studied until the third grade of primary school, I do not remember much about my life in Santa Marta but I have a good time there. When I moved to Barranquilla, it hit me hard but I do not intend to ever return to Santa Marta, I do not change Barranquilla for anything in the world.

When I enter in the lyndon b. johnson school everything was great, in my first day they welcomed me very well, I remember that on my first day I met some girls that until today are my best friends and one of the most important people in my life since they have always be…